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I am a girly girl that loves boy-ily things. Currently residing in NYC where passion is deep and forever wavering.

Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening. - Coco Chanel

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I didn’t get to make my wishes today. I completely forgot! Even though I was constantly reminded of it on twitter and facebook. For awhile now, I’ve made a wish every time the clock strikes 11:11, so it should all add up? I hope so!

On other news, it turns out that my mother’s birthday is today! Mom lied about her real birthday for…about my whole life and I have been celebrating the wrong day for 21 years. Mother is cruel :(

My biggest fear right now is not getting accepted into a doctorates program for clinical psychology. The thought of it makes me want to break down and cry. I have to work harder. I have to shine. I’ve worked hard for this, I have to make it. 

It’s funny how no one bothered to warn me that it’s a rigorous process. Well I know now and there’s no way in hell I’ll back down now. 

I hate to admit this, but getting married is probably the only shortcut I can take to finish graduate school. By getting married, I will receive financial stability, emotional support, and familial support. So much for being independent. 

Maybe I should set up tents outside my school and protest for rising tuition rates. Will Suffolk U. follow the example of UC Davis and pepper spray my face off? 


I am having heaps of fun imagining all the amazing and fun things I can do once I reach New York! Right now, I’m waiting for my laundry to dry so I can finally finish packing and head out. My little hamster is already running around in circles and staring at me with his beady eyes, maybe he senses that I am going to be gone for a while? Don’t fret my little rodent, I’ll be back!

In the mean time, I will make myself a delightful lunch and tell @justinyo that his stupid whales suck! 

Fortune Tellers

I don’t believe in fortune tellers. I think they’re bogus and faux, but I’ve had really funky things happen to me in the past that cannot be scientifically explained. I will talk about that on another day because tonight, my friend Wen told me that she is going to see a fortune teller tomorrow who has a reputation for being very accurate in her predictions. Now that she’s got my attention, I became very curious. I also found out that my mother is taking Wen for her appointment. 

So I rushed to my mom and asked if I can get my fortune told as well. I changed my mind about it after this conversation:

Mom: Why? What are you going to ask?
Me: If going to graduate school is a good idea? 
Mom: If she said that it’s a horrible idea and you’ll never find a job, what would you do?
Me: Go to graduate school…
Mom: Then why do you need your fortune told?
Me: *silence* *stare* 

I think that was all I needed to hear. 


i hate writing papers. it doesn’t matter how much i know or the number of sources i’ve accumulated over a short period of time. it’s the process of organizing and structuring it that wrecks havoc! i dont know how you guys do it. i see people sit down and write 10 pages without taking a break. the moment i sit down and open microsoft word, i stare at the blank document on hours end. what the hell guys?! 

it’s like a tornado passed by and took the liberty of cleansing out my brain. why do i suck so much? 

It’s Almost Over…Thank God!

Today, I handed in THREE 10 - 15 page papers that were assigned a week ago and they were all due today. On top of that, a final exam to study for that was also today. I am home and safe, thank God for that! Although my head is burning up again. 

All that is left is to give a presentation and take my next exam. It’s almost over, it’s almost OVER! 

I just got home and I ate a whole pot of leftover mash potato with diced spam and bacon. I am the best chef in the world! So delicious!  Okay I am burning up a lot…

It is nap time.